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Dietary supplements

Food supplements that contain good and friendly bacteria improving human health are called probiotics. Increasing number of scientific research confirms that there is a strong relation between the loss of balance of the gut microbial flora and the development of a wide variety of illnesses related to and seemingly independent of our digestive system. These may include digestive system disorders like ulcers, IBS, Crohn-disease etc., psychiatric problems, like autism, attention deficit, or schizophrenia etc., rheumatic (e.g. arthritis) or skin (e.g. eczema) problems and aenemia etc.

Probiotic bacteria via effectively repelling potentially harmful bacteria help to restore the natural intestinal flora, the healthy structure of the intestinal wall and therefore contribute to the optimal functioning of the immune system. This is important as 70% of our immune system is located in the intestines. It is scientifically evidenced that taking probiotics will have beneficial physiological effects: lactose intolerance and different inflammatory intestinal illnesses (e.g. colitis, IBS) may improve, cancer of the rectum may be preceded, high blood pressure and allergies may be reduced, the risk of the development of eczema may be lowered, and the immune system may be re-enforced, thus several infections may be avoided, digestion of food may be improved thus absorption of minerals, micro elements and vitamins may also be enhanced.

Our age, eating habits and the condition of our digestive system change over the time. Good probiotics will follow these changes and will provide all the necessary friendly bacteria in such a combination and amount that will adjust to our age (toddlers, adolescents, adults and elderly people) and to our health condition.

The best probiotics will not contain fermented foodstuffs, nutraceuticals, prebiotics, vitamins or minerals, additives, yeasts and fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), only pure, concentrated living probiotic bacteria with guaranteed potency up to the date of expiry that will also survive hydrochloric acid in the stomach and the bile in the small intestine, therefore they make the use of potentially allergenic enteric coatings unnecessary.

Such food-supplements are the probiotic products of Udo’s Choice®.

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