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Healing of tumorous illnesses

There are many forms of tumorous illnesses: their common traits are the rampant reproduction of cells having abnormal metabolism and the ability to form metastases. Conventional medicine and naturopathy know several effective treatments; thus nowadays diagnosing malignant tumours are in most of the cases does not mean a fatal diagnosis. Despite the fact that in the human body hundreds of abnormal cells are formed daily it is relatively rare that an illness is a result, as the cells of the immune system can recognize and destroy these abnormal cells. Sometimes, however, these cells can escape from the control system. There is bigger chance for this to happen if the immune system is less active for some reasons. It is known, that certain illnesses (like AIDS) or taking immunosuppressive drugs can attenuate the immune system. One of the best of the so called gentle treatments, the Gerson therapy, has its good effect through immunotherapy and the continuous detoxification of the body.


The abnormally functioning cells can be placed in three groups:

A benign tumour never makes metastasis, it remains in its place, and is separated by its own connective tissue case from the surrounding cells and tissues. After surgical removal the patient can be considered as completely healed. The most frequent representatives of this type of tumour are the smooth muscle tumours of the womb, the miomas, and certain ulcerous skin degenerations, and the lipomas found mainly in the crag and the back.

Semi-malignus (transient) tumours again make no metastases, but they have no connective tissue case, so they easily grow into the surrounding tissues, they can spread and cause destruction in them, and can regrow after an inadequate surgical elimination.

The cells of a malignant tumour are able to wander to a new location via the blood or lymphatic circulation or directly through the organs escaping from the original tumour. The escaping cells can be perished, the immune system can destroy them, or they can settle down and start proliferating; this is what is called a metastasis.


Neoplasia (carcinoma, sarcoma, cancer) is the common name for those illnesses that can be characterised by rampantly proliferating cells having abnormal metabolism and being able to form metastasis. Carcinomas form epithelial tumours, sarcomas are formed from the cells of the connective tissue, the stroma, the muscles and their progenies. Leukaemia is a separate group that is the result of the malignant illness of the lymph nodes or the bone marrow.

Cancerous illnesses can also be classified by the organs in which the primer tumour is formed. The discovery and removal of the primer tumour is very important; for the longer it can grow the greater the possibility is that it forms metastasis. Complete healing can be achieved only by eliminating all the tumorous centres, however, if the primer tumour is not discovered this is not always possible. Metastases are often formed near the original tumour, or near the location of the surgical intervention, in nearby lymph modes or in organs that can be easily reached by the blood stream. Holistic therapies, like the Gerson therapy, focus not only on the tumour, but on the entire body, making it possible to overcome the disease by its own healing power.

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