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The Organic Health Centre within the frame of other human health care services provides healing and life quality improving services belonging to the scope of non-conventional methods that are regulated by the 1997 CLIV §104 Health Law.

According to our programmes we provide gentle and natural healing methods to healthy and ill people. Our main activity is counselling on lifestyle and nutrition in order to improve and strengthen the immune system. To achieve these goals we provide cures, methods and diets using the possibilities of the cranio-sacral therapy, the complex Gerson therapy and the GAPS Nutritional ProtocolTM based on personalized protocols.

The essence of the treatments is the holistic approach that focuses not on the illness itself (e.g. tumour, diabetes, arthritis), but on the entire body, empowering it to overcome the disease by its own natural healing power.

Our success lies in providing the greatest possible mental and informational support needed for healing, relying on conventional medical care that we can help and complete. Our patients take an active role in their healing, in strengthening their bodies and we spend enough time on mutually informing each other. If necessary we can provide long term, continuous aid to complex immune boosting therapies and cleansing cures. In any health issues we focus on finding the cause and origin of the problem. The most effective methods of the patient’s healing are shaped in collaboration with the patient maximally personalizing his/her treatment.

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