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The Gerson diet

Gerson therapy is for cancer patients, for patients with HIV, HCV, diabetes, autoimmune disease, arthritis and the disorders of the digestive system.

Dr Max Gerson (1881-1959) has developed his therapy in more than 30 years of clinical practice. There is a basic difference in the conventional oncological and Gerson’s approach of cancer treatment. Conventional medicine considers the tumour itself the disease, and tries to eliminate it with its methods, like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or the combination thereof, and if the intervention is successful the patient has no further tasks to do, except going to control visits and hoping for the best.

According to the Gerson-approach, the tumour is only a message about a severe disorder involving the entire body. The aim therefore is to revitalize the body’s own defence system i.e. to activate the immune system.

It is a popular error that Gerson therapy is a cancer therapy, as it can be successfully and effectively used for healing any chronic, degenerative diseases like diabetes, sclerosis multiplex, different joint illnesses, heart and coronary artery disorders, kidney failure and asthma. The therapy is based on the recognition that chronic, degenerative illnesses always appear as a result of deficiencies. So on one hand this condition must be changed, and on the other hand in patients with such illnesses lots of toxins are accumulated, and they must be eliminated from their body. The Gerson therapy can set back the correct balance by the help of a special diet literally filling up and recharging the body. The key is the hourly consumed organic fruit and vegetable juices (carrot, apple, lettuce). The fresh salads, porridge and jacket potatoes are also elements of the compulsory diet. Consuming chemical free food is of crucial importance, as the body should not be further loaded with toxic chemicals. The diet is salt free, as it is very important to set back the correct ratio of Na:K for the correct functions of the cells. Further potassium replacement is needed besides the potassium rich diet. As the patients cannot digest fat, the only fat allowed to be consumed in the diet is the omega-3 rich, cold pressed flaxseed oil. In the first 6 weeks of the diet it is strictly forbidden to eat animal protein. Later law fat yoghurt and cottage cheese can be consumed if it is not contraindicated.

To help the unhealthy body to correctly utilize the vast amount of nutrient-rich food special supplements and medicaments must be used, which can assist the digestion and increase metabolism. Gerson therapy tries to re-establish the balance of the body from two directions: partly by nourishing the body, partly by eliminating the toxins. In the meantime it restores the electrolyte balance, stimulates the thyroids, and helps the energy supply of the liver by regular coffee enemas. The therapy is and functions as a complete therapy, so it is disadvantageous to use its elements separately. Not only the desired effect and healing can be inhibited but it can even be dangerous.

It can take as much as two years for the body to restore its correct balance and heal. This therapy needs lots of time and energy, strong willingness to live and family support.

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